Hello friends, I Know why you come here and Why You Click On The Link. Here, I with You. I am sure. I will 100 percent solve your problem.

Okay, That’s Not a Problem but, You are Getting Confused. where should I go? where I needed to give focus or Hard work to make Money.

Money… Who doesn’t Like? Hmm…

Absolutely, Everyone!

So, Here I am Going To Talking about Best Ways to create Passive Income or How to Make Money Online.

Also, I will share with you Best Ideas to Make Money Online.

Let Start…


Get Start With Blog or Writing Content  Online


Blog, Sound Seems to like Bored and You may Read or Listen again and again. Have You ever think about why every blogger always suggest you choose to blog?

Because of Only, You come to That platform where actually blogger is  present and he also earns. Every person will give you the first suggestion in which he himself is an expert and he earns himself.

Here I am Also…

First of all, I want to tell You What is Blog or writing content Online. so, Blog means Where You share You Own Opinion. You can Teach someone or you can share knowledge with everyone.

Blogging Is The platform where you can enjoy and Make Money. 

In short, Blog is also Called writing Content online. Here,, Some questions have Flown in Your mind about the blog.

Why Should I Choose Blogging?

For MONEY? Hmm… No! If You’re Really Interested in writing content or blog or you like to share your knowledge or want to make fun/Money. you may have many reasons to choose to blog

What actually I Need To Get Start Blogging?

In simple word, You Just want Passion. Also, main or Important Thing is That Patience. 

The Key of Succesful Person of The world is Patience.  

Okay, I accept that you have passion. but, until you don’t have patience you can’t earn money. (My Experience)

Because of Only Every Month or Year Thousands of new Blogger come on The platform and without patience the get Lose. They Give Up!

so, here you to be a successful blogger. and Never Give Up!

Also, You Need To Be Constance In Your Blogging. If you Write Only 10 OR 20  blog then, Give Up. then, You never Successful.

Just Remember If You Really Want To Make Money Online!

  • Be Passionate about You Blogging


  • Need Patience To Successful Blogger


  • Be Constance in Your Blogging


You Actually Earn Money From Advertising Not From Content Writing!

Here, You Earn Money From Advertising. Content writing Is The Only way in  which can Increase You Followers or Collect Leads.

You Need To Sign Up For Google Adsense. Google will Be Served You Ads On Your Blog. Google Will Pay You for Advertising On Your Blog.

Know More About Google Adsense –  Wikipedia


–Best Of Luck For Your Blogging Career —


Not Interested In Blogging? Have Selling Skill? Try It!

Affiliate Marketing

yes friends here I am talking about affiliate marketing yes if you have selling skill that’s great for you

if you are interested in selling products for selling service you may get paid from affiliate program yes I am here talking about affiliate marketing you can do right now without a website or without writing long or huge content.

 what is affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing is the marketing in which you promote the service or product in social media or in your website if someone purchases this product or service from your affiliate link you will get paid (it’s Commission)

affiliate marketing is one of the best or fastest ways to make money online you can try it.

here’s the example

Ex- imagine if you have 1000 followers or fan then if you promote a product or service in you are fans or Followers if  20 or 50 people purchase this product or service you will get huge Commission on it.

Commission will depend on which type of product or service you promote.


let’s calculate

if you’re promoting digital marketing course in 399 rupees/Dollar.
Commission on it- 30 rupees per sells.

here you have 1000 followers and you sold 50 digital marketing course.

30×50= 1,500Rs/-

Note- here I am only taking 1000 followers you may have mm 10000 or 1 million just imagine how much you can earn from affiliate marketing.

how to get start affiliate marketing?

first of all, you want to learn affiliate marketing. you can follow my website to learn affiliate marketing.

if you know about every at marketing and you don’t know about how to join affiliate program so here I am recommended you two most valuable e-commerce website that is Amazon and Flipkart

you can join their affiliate marketing program and Make Money Legally.

Amazon – Amazon Affiliate Program

Flipkart – Amazon Affiliate Program

what do you need to Start?

first of all, you need more and more followers or fan where you can promote your product link.
try to create your fan page try to create you follow words

because without followers on without Pan you could not promote are you could not sell any product even one product or service that’s my experience I have learned.

you don’t need to create a website or application other stuff like that. you can promote a link on social media or anywhere you want.
you are the main focus on a goal that is selling more products.


Read – Digital marketing is a bright future – Details Information


Are You Video Creator? Start with Youtube

Youtube - Make Money

are you video creator or like video creating? yes YouTube platform only for you.

if you are really interested in creating video or convincing people by video or presenting anything in video form then YouTube will give you tree of money.

what is YouTube?

YouTube is the platform where video creator can upload video. if you are getting more views on your YouTube video or have a good amount of subscribers on YouTube channel then you can earn easily money by advertising on your YouTube channel.

YouTube is a free platform anyone can upload video. but now updating of YouTube policies you must have 4000 watch time or 1000 subscriber.

are you really interested in me teaching people are helping people by video I am sure you will earn.

which type of video you can create?

you can upload any type of video or any category of video just you have to choose of your category and upload video.

first of all understand contain is the king if you are content is good then your video will be getting viral.

how can you earn money from youtube?

you just need to sign up for Google AdSense account and getting approval on your YouTube channel. You Have to Make Money with Google! By Advertising.

when advertisement getting started on YouTube video you will start earning.


I Know Value of Money. Making Money at Home or side money Is Not easy or Not hard. You just need to Get start And Be Consistent In Your way.

Choose Only One Way. focus On Only One way for Try For Multitasking. Because Human are not Machine. A human can Focus only One Thing.

No One Can Make You One Night Millionaire!

Key for Getting Successful In Online making Money.

  • Be Passionate about You Blogging
  • Need Patience To Successful
  • Be Constance in Your Way

Be secure from Fraud applications and Website. You May Find Some Ilegal Ways to Make Money Online. No Shortcut to make money. If You try for the shortcut. You will earn but, Not for long-term earning. 

I Hope You Get

–Best of Luck–

If you Have Any suggestion or If you other best legal way please share with us by commenting on the post. share and Subscribe our newsletter for More!



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