Google AdSense. Who doesn’t want to monetize the blog with Google AdSense absolutely everyone! if everyone, it will getting so hard to get Google AdSense account approved.

Google has 1 + million Publishers who monetize their blog or application.

whenever you write the blog post or any type of content Google will help you to earn money from online contentGoogle doesn’t matter what type of platform you’re using? blogspot or WordPress.

Google just want high traffic websites.

Google has product/service to monetize your website and application- Google AdSense and Google Admob.

here. I am talking about getting approval for your AdSense account in just a few days. getting approval in just a few days is it really possible?

I assure that if you apply following step and points in your AdSense setup you will get approval in just a few days!

before applying Google AdSense you need high traffic high means 100 visitors per day at least.first of all, check it out what’s the common thing you need in your blog or website.

your blog post should be well-clean and readable.

what I actually mean well-clean and readable? you may browse thousands of websites. you found that Some are readable and some are not readable.
because they are not responsive, they are not written in the manner, they have grammatical mistakes or many more.

how can you make your blog post well-clean and readable?

note that points

1. don’t do grammatical mistakes

2.don’t make a long paragraph

3. careful about spelling mistakes

4. assure that you have used at least one image.

this will help you to make the readable blog post.

You Must Need to Qualify adsense

enough traffic

website traffic

website traffic

if you don’t have any traffic on your website please don’t apply for AdSense try Google AdSense alternative.

Google doesn’t need more publisher’s.

you may have a question, how much I need traffic for Google AdSense?
to get approval for Website must have 100 visitors per day!


it’s not compulsory you have hundreds visitors per day. this calculation(100 visitors) depend on your earning. you must Able to make one dollar per day.

just think about that, if you don’t have 100 hundred visitors per day then how much time you will need to make 1000 visitors to make at least $1appr?  (eCPM.)

You can apply for AdSense For Lower traffic even 10-20 per day. Understand Calculation before Applying.

important pages

Pages Important for website

about us, contact us, privacy policy and terms and condition.

important pages they are- about us, contact us, privacy policy and terms and condition.

if you read Google AdSense policy then you will find how much important this pages for every visitor or advertiser even you!

be sure you created these pages by yourself without any kind of generator.

a generator can link page (Backlink).


Enough content

Content is The King

Content is The King

if you don’t have enough content on your website. before applying you must have 10 to 15 quality contain blog post.

just 10 to 15 must be 1000 plus words. if you write 1000 word then the post is quality content because in 1000 word you can convince anyone or teach something to anyone.

I am not teaching you how to write quality content. you should write the best content or make value for your visitors.



copyright Law Mark

copyright is the main thing of getting approval. if you copy content from another blog you will be getting penalized by Google or other search engines so, be careful before copying others contain.

every website is safe under copyright law.

you could not copy image or passage from any website. but you can get the reference from it.

if it is needed to use other content on your website you can get the permission of their authors and give the subtitle of that content owner website where from you copy it.

one Main Simple Step- Adsense setup


This type Code Youwill get
(Verification Code)

after following above rule/points, you can apply for Google AdSense.
when you apply Google AdSense you need to verify your website authentication.

for this you will get HTML code that you need to add in Your website to verify that “it’s your website”.

before adding this code in your website you want to analyse your website theme and ask yourself that, “where i want to show advertisement to my user?”.

you may want to show advertisement in your header, footer and sidebar. just add the verification code there; where you want to show ads!

that simple!

Google will only tell you to add this code in the header section but you want to add this code every part of your website where you want to show ads.

because Google gets thousands of application for review their website and Google employees are human they can’t do it (it takes lot of time)

Because they have machines which can they give your application priority by the verification code.

more priority, more faster you can get approval

that’s my simple trick I use everytime.

note- I am not Google’s person I am not sure that Google give priority your application

I just assume and share with you so don’t get serious just follow the common points and do the setup.


you may have question how I get approval for 2 blog post?

Actually that’s a long story, this was Hindi website where i teach people in Hindi.

unfortunately, my all Database deleted. on my Hindi website I got AdSense approval. (Already I Have a lot of Content).

Hindi website has 30 + blog post 200 + comments lot of stuff! but I get start  again from Zero!

I hope you would like it and share it more.
if you have any query or problem even feedback please comment below  I will reply you in my working days.

are you ready for applying Google AdSense?

You will Get This Soon!

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