Want to Become or make the career in Desktop Engineer? That’s Would be a Good choice.

Now a days, Everyone has a Pc. But, Some time You stuck in the problem of your pc and you could not solve that. that’s time desktop engineer will help you to get out of this problem.

So let’s get started…

What is Desktop Engineering?

Desktop engineering or a desktop engineer is a person which solves all the hardware and some software problems of the PC.

In Other Word, He/she is Technical Person who solve Problems of the Computer user.

He tests desktop software applications and Gives feedback to developer. Other duties are, He Give training to the user about software and other technical stuff.

Why is it important?

Here, He solves companies and users problem like God’s Helper! Time is too important for Companies and There owner. they found some technical error on a daily bases.

here, they want to save there time that’s why they hire Desktop engineer!.

What kind of problems he solve?

He is a man who solves all the issues related to the PC. they are troubleshooting, errors, or some other hardware or software problems.

They also solve the analytical problem, service providers and many more.

Now, You understand what is a desktop engineer, why is so important and what kind of work he Generally do?

You may have Thousands of Question one of them is

What’s the core skills he required to become expert in a desktop engineer?

core skills are

 core skills of Desktop Engineer

Basic knowledge of network

If he solves computer and networking problems he much has Basic knowledge of the network.

Proficiency in Microsoft support

Everyone likes to use Microsoft’s Compuuter and products and they Use it! So, you need to get proficiency in Microsoft support.

Basic Skills

active listening skills

advanced knowledge of the path

management and software distribution.


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What is the salary of Desktop Engineer?

What is the salary of Desktop Engineer?

Some people may think desktop engineering is too simple or useless but for their kind information,

a desktop engineer according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics earn $ 48,600 (annual salary) in the median range and $ 81,300 (annual salary) in the top 10 % .

What is its scope in future?

desktop engineer Growth

Yes, desktop engineer has a big scope in future as he can firstly become a customer support, or can try for desktop support, technical support (L1, L2, L3), or else if he has an experience, then can go for system/network administrator and at the final stage can go for team lead or IT manager.

Not only this, there are many other ways and also good opportunities for a desktop engineer.

What are the desktop engineer interview questions?

What are the desktop engineer interview questions?

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