The most Important Law On the web is “Copyright Law.” all Website Content Is Secure Under Copyright Law.


What’s actually Copyright Law?

Copyright is Legal Law which is Existing In Many Country (All World) that guaranty You, Content is Orginal and Real.

That Means, Content Not Copied From Other. The Owner Have Full Rights Of His Content.

Original Content Is Actually, Copyright!

 If You want To show Your Content is Safe Under Copyright Law. You Need to Use Copyright Symbol.

Copyright Symbol

(Source- Wikimedia Commons)

copyright is The Content it Includes Images, Videos or Blog/Articles.

You write a Blog or Make Stunning Infographic and Publish on your website.

now, Here This Content comes in Copyright raw in which No other person can Copy your Content or Images without Permission.

your Blog, Images and Video are Store on Internet as “This Content subject to Copyright” that means This Content You can’t Copy!


This Content subject to Copyright

if You want to Use Copyright content than you need permission Of That Owner who Makes That content.

Every Blog image or Video has Owners!

You automatically get copyright protection when you create Songs, Video, Blog, broadcasts, Flim, Recordings, software, web content, and database.

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Now Maybe, You Think

what happens if I Use Copyright Images, Blog or Video?

 Google will banned You that means If You use Copyright Safe Content on your website without permission or copyright license.

Your website will Ignore by search engines. because you copying content.

You don’t care Others people hard work constitution who Make That contain.

you Are thief!

Google or any other Search engine Don’t like Thief people who Copy others content.

and They Will Ignore You and Don’t rank Your website.

if You use Lot of Images from Google, Yahoo or Bing Without permission.

maybe Search engine permanent ban You from There search results.


maybe Search Engine add Your name or Website name In Blacklist!

it Could happen with you! So Please Be careful. don’t copy Other Content without permission.

Wait, Here’s not End!

Now, Copyright safe Content Owner has Other Rights which Is Come Under Copyright law!

Copyright Owners can Claim for There Loses.

most of Time, Big Companies Do those Things.


If You copy There content Without permission They will Case On You.

The Copyright right is Very Strick and Maybe You Go In Jail if Owner Do that.

here’s how?

Imagine, You copy Content without permission and Owner Of That contain spot that!

he Will Blem on You

“I lost my Lot of traffic or My Royalty visitors because of Only You copy my content, Now You Pay me or Fulfill my Conditions”

that’s dangerous!

 I saw most of Case In which Owner ask For Tons of Money or His All Website ownership!

I Don’t want to scare You, That’s Law!

okay, This Are Things only happen If Owner Wants!

he has Right to do that.

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Now, The Question comes In your mind is

How Search Engine or Owner Find You If You Copy Others Content Without Copyright Licence?

that Grate Question. You may think about that now or later.

Google Has Powerful technology. Google’s Search engine is Very Smart. He Knows Everything thing about you!

yes, Actually Every content is Just Copy here or There On one Place “Internet”

it doesn’t go anywhere.

How Google Can find You if You copy Others Content?

First of all, when you create Content. It Will Get Unique id and link.

every Image, Blogs or Video has Link. it connected with Server or Server connected With Search Engine.

now, You publish Fresh New Content on Internet it Will Generate Link and Id and Save On Google’s Engine Database.

Here Imagine, You copy Others Image -(Just Example).

and That Image also generates Link and Id Before Generate it Will Check Google or Other  Search engine Database “Unique id”.

You can’t remove Unique id Of That Image. Because it Permanently stores on Database.

here, You will Get Different Link but, You Could not Get the Unique id of that Content.

If Search Engine finds the same Id than, that Image’s Uploader Website Name and Owner name save as “Copy content”.

Now, Here You Just Publish Content and You Think “Wow I use Trick or Shortcut, now My website Will Rank!”

But, Here you don’t know! Search Engine Can’t Give You priority even You have Content is Good!

that why You Can’t rank on Google or Get Traffic to Your site!

most of Blogger doesn’t know Copyright law and What’s the harm and Benefits of Copyright content

Now, Let’s see

How Copyright Owner can Finds You?

Do You Know Google Image Search?

Yes, Here The Owner Search on Google There Content Using His Image.

Google Will show Results who copied your Content Because of only Unique Id!

You can Also Use Google Image Search For Find You Content is Safe or Not?

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Now Most Valuable Question is

How Can You Use Copyright Content if You Get Permission Of Owner?

Once determined that the Content you wish to use is protected by Copyright Lawyou should seek the copyright owner’s permission to use the Content

So, What Should Your request Include?

  • Name
  • What You Want To Use (Information should be Mention)
  • Reason  (why You want to Use)

If You Get Permission, Then You Have To Give Link That Content.




If You Don’t Get Permission But, It’s Too Important to Use That song, Video or Any other Content Than

You Need to Include Short Copyright Law Permission Description (Fair Use).

{Fair Use
Regardless of the copyright owner’s response, you can still use the work if your use comports with the fair use doctrine. The doctrine of fair use makes it legally permissible for you to use a copyrighted work without permission for purposes such as commentary, criticism, parody, news reporting, and scholarly works. Whether or not your use is lawful usually depends upon how different or “transformative” your use is from the original. Unfortunately, there is no clear formula to determine the boundaries of fair use. Refer to the section on fair use for a general discussion of the doctrine.}

These Things Checked By Search Engine (AI Technology).

Good News If You Link Copyright Content than Owner of Blog is Also Happy Because You Link Him!

He could not Sacre You Because He Gets Link!


Now You know that

What is Copyright and How Does Copyright law work?

 How Google And Content Owner Find You if You Use Copyright Content without permission and Copyright Licence.

How Content Is Safe Under Copyright Law?

How Can You Use Copyright Content if You Get Permission Of Owner?

Copyright Rules Also Applied In Youtube Channel!

Here The Short Description For you Royal Visitors!

Copyright is Law Where You Could Not Copy Other Content form Web.  It Includes all Type of Content such as Image, Blog, and Video.

I Recommend You Please Don’t Copy Others Content, do Hard work can Create You One.

That’s Shortcut You Use always to save time and Money but, Here You Lose You ranking!

Don’t Invest for Short Term and Go For Long Term.

Do You accept If Someone Copy Your Content and By Using Your Content Rank On Google?

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