Get Organic Traffic By Seo-search Engine Optimization. want to Organic Traffic? Want to Grow Traffic By Search engine? Or Want Google Traffic?  Before Going To Ahead Understand Website Traffic!

If You Understand It, Then You will find out Which Type of Traffic is Best For Your site and where you need to Invest time and Focus!

Here the Two Type of Traffic you Get One is Organic and second one is Inorganic.

 What The Organic Traffic and Inorganic Traffic?

What The Organic Traffic and Inorganic Traffic?

 Traffic Has Source It means The traffic actually where from you get If You get Google Traffic that’s means you get Organic traffic

if you get social, Refer traffic or Direct traffic that means Inorganic traffic.

this is not chemistry! We don’t use “Inorganic” Word in Technical language. we just use Organic!

Let’s go in Deeply

Organic traffic

The traffic which is come form any Search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo.
no matter which Search engine. is Organic Traffic (Natual Traffic/Google Traffic)
If you use Google analytics tool that you will find out the Types of Traffic you get.
Ex- Someone Search on Google or any Search engine. The SERP (Search engine results Page) will open.
How Organic Traffic works?
if get the click on Any link of the SERP page. that means Organic traffic Goes to the site.
in short, You Go Organically To that site. (Naturally!).

Inorganic traffic

here the 3 Type of Inorganic traffic

1) Social traffic

social traffic is the Social media Traffic in which User come to your website from Social media platforms like What’s app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube Etc.

2) Refer traffic (backlink)

Refer traffic is the traffic in which other websites refer to you. or The link to you in their site.

ex- If My Site gets refer traffic, That means Someone add the link of my blog post in their site. so people come from others site to your site.

3)Direct traffic

Direct traffic is the traffic in which Your Website User Search on Engine your site URL or Name directly. then Come to your site that’s direct traffic

ex- If You are too famous or Your Website Has Brand Name so people directly search on Google and Come to you.


Facebook has Millions of millions Direct traffic (My opinion.)

now you know about Types of Traffic actually you Get.

How to Check which Type of Traffic You get?

You Can Use Google Analytic. Tool which is Provided By Google. If You Don’t About analytic Tool Than Check it Out – Dashboard Information

NOW, you maybe have many questions like which one traffic is Good For our site?

Which Type of traffic is Good?

Which Type of Website traffic is Good?

Here’s the Traffic you get, no matter where from you get. but, here the twist Take place always when Algorithm of Search engines change!

so, if we think in a General way you will find out “Traffic is Traffic, I don’t care where from it come” because Only interested people actually come to you.

the algorithm makes Blogger Servent.

Every blogger Work as  Algorithm if it’s changed some Blogger get Less traffic.

 or some get more traffic.

every blogger follows Algorithms or tries to Get rank. No-one Knows Google’s Engine algorithm or any other Search engine!.

we just predict! this would be…

Google loves Organic traffic.

because when Google decided that who one will be the first on the results page. Google check the following factors

-Organic traffic

-how Much time Users spend on one site

-How many clicks take place then Decide placed site Up and down.

organic traffic (Natural traffic)

google Note it down and Place to you. it’s Depend How much You Get then Place You.

How much Time spent on site

if Reader loves the site the most of time Reader tried to check out more blog post.

that indicated to Google is “user love this site! You should give This site higher position”

Use The Tool Google Analytic To understand. In which You find our Bounce Rate. If Is Low that means You Blog Is Good. Readers Love Your Blog Site. If Not Find Out Why?

Use Following Point To Attract Reader’s or Stay a Long Time!

  • Write Long Content Blog Post
  • Add Video If Is It Possible (You Can Use Youtube)
  • use Infographic.

how much Clicks

if your blog’s headline is Stunning most chances that people show interest in your post and You get Click.

Google also count it and Give Rankings to you.

This is Actually Algorithm, This all things take place by Search engine machine in Seconds all this things are connected to each other.

like If you get More Click and More Time spend by the user that’s mens Organic traffic!

More Click+if More time=Organic traffic.

Google have Lot of Algorithms. in which they decided by others source of traffic.

we have just talked about What’s Google love but, We have other Two Search engine.

wait…Other are also use this kind of factors to decide rank. maybe they Give importance to inorganic traffic.

Use Google Analytic Tool For Analysis The Traffic

Google Analytic

How You can Get Organic Traffic to Your site?

How You can Get Organic Traffic to Your site?

Organic traffic who don’t want? if you succeed to get organic traffic than You are best at SEO.

In seo, The main Intention is To get organic traffic (Google traffic!)

Google is the first largest Search engine. where Google handles 2 Billon+ of queries!

now you think it’s easy! wait also read this Every day 2Billons of blogs are Posted!

now How to stand In The Competiton?

because Google makes Algorithm if you follow it then Google will rank you otherwise Your not able to rank enough!

so, First thing you need to do is Analyse The Competition in Your niche

first of all, choose the best Niche for your website also it should be has a low competition to rank well.

ex- My Niche is technology. this niche has a lot of competition. It’s hard to Rank on First Page.

Do hard work after analysis

here, if your niche has a low competition then you can rank easily but still, you need to do hard work for rank on google for a long time.

if your niche has more competition that you need to do hard work at least come on the first page what you can do you need to follow the following points.

-Be consistent

– Always Share your Blog on social media

-Try to Get the Backlink from High authority website (You need to Make Stunning blog)

Do Better than Your Competitors

Your competitors Are well skilled that why they rank well. so you need to be better than other.

If they have more social share then you need to Get more Shares of your blog

Use SEM Rush Tool, enter the Your competitor’s URL. then you will find out there all data like where from they get the most traffic, on which keywords they rank and How much Social share they have?

lot of stuff you will find out there. use tool and analysis then Do better then Your competition.

provide value to the user

My all points are linked each other so, read all content to understand better.

providing value to you that it’s too easy so how can you provide value?.

you need to help people More and more. if people comment on your blog you should reply and solve their problem, ask questions ETC.

in short, you need to interact with your user. Help then Solve there problems

that provides value!

Make readable and shareable blog

if you follow all the above points, if you don’t follow this point that means if you don’t make the readable and shareable blog – That’s doesn’t Benefit to you

it doesn’t make Social Share! so Focus on Shareable blog post.

if you have great content and great Idea but, is not Readable/not have images.

no one Shows interest in your blog.

so how can you make a readable bad shareable blog?

-Use Images

-Use Infographic (work Better on Social media)

-Try to add Video end of the blog.

just follow it and see the magic!


now you Know types of traffic how you can get Traffic to your blog, What Should You do? Where To Focus and Invest?

the most important thing that to get traffic to your website is providing value to your user

make your user feel Special by replying them and solve their others problem.

and the second most important thing is the content.

You know “content is the king”

if your content not providing value and not good should be. you need to follow above all the points.

if you have any Queries please feel free to ask me!

I hope you like it and if you really get Value and learn something new then Share and follow me on Social media.

Where are You From Getting More Website Traffic? Where You will be Invest Time? Which Type of Traffic Is best for You?

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