Grow up your traffic and Social Share of Your WordPress website even Followers!

here i have 3 WordPress plugin which will help you to Go viral Your Content all Over The World

I am not talking about Youst plugins or other Seo plugin i am talking about Top 3 WordPress plugin which you aren’t heard about it!

Traffic Is one of the important part of the Website.

Do you Know Which type of Traffic is suitable for your site?


which traffic source best for you?

Check Out – Understand The website Traffic Before Try To Increase-Tip To Rank

you have to understand the traffic which will help you.

No.1 –  Click Twitter

Click Twitter WordPress Plugin

Click Twitter is the plugin where are you Encourage readers to share your content in A Click!

this plugin has URL Shorten Functionality which allows you to share Log Links in the beautiful way

This plugin enables you to create beautiful click to tweet boxes in your Blog.

once you’ve install Click on setting and put Twitter handle username and password and save settings.

then you need to create and Add shortcode in your blog post where you want to Show.

you will also find out this plugin more helpful by going in Setting section.

Here the Tip for you

You can Increase Your Twitter’s followers!

Just add the Box of Your Twitter account Webpage link!

No.2 – Referral Candy

Referral Candy WordPress Plugin

Referral candy is the tool allowing you to automate customer campaign.

you can use this plugin for E-commerce website like an Affiliate marketing!

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No.3 – Invite referral

Invite referral WordPress Plugin

Invite referral is a Powerful tool for Blogger As well as using this plugin you can attract more Visitors.

you can do  Referral Marketing easily with This Plugin!

This plugin Not similar to Referral candy!

Both have a Different-Different feature you can use it and Increase your traffic.

here the tip for you

Set rewards if someone invites his friends To website. You Add Your Social Sites to Increase Your Followers! ?


I have Really Increase My Traffic With Those plugins. I also increase my Twitters followers!

No Longer use this Plugin!

I always tried to find the new plugin for you that’s why I don’t use it now.

I hope you find the Unique plugins that help you to Stand in Competition of your Niche.

WordPress Is The platform where 71% of the website make fo the world!

(Approximately Valued)

Have You tried this plugin? Have Experience Share with me.

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