How to Write engaging Blog Post? Want More Traffic? Make Readable Or Shareable Post!

the engaging Blog post will Help You to Connect with Users or Followers.

what can do Shareable Blog posts? (Benefits)

Attract More Visitors

If You Are Stunning Blog Writer then Your blog will automatically Attract more Visitors! Use This Way To Attract More People?

  • Make Blog post Easy to Share
  • Promote Your  Blog To The Right People.
  • provide Value

Go Viral

engaging People can Make your Blog Gets Viral. do You find why Some Blogs Are get Viral?

because they are Readable and Shareable! Most of Time, Trending blogs gets Viral!

You can write Treading blog post but it Viral for the Short term not for the long term!

if You just want Get Viral Blog post, Just Write Treading Blog posts. you can Find Trending topics by using Google Trends.

here, You find Trending Blogs post and Topic Now, you get the idea of What should I Write and also You get Hint What will Get Viral tomorrow? By Staying Updated with News Blog!

most of Time News Blog post get viral! so you can Make Your Niche “Treading Blogs/ News”

Become Hero/ Interesting

When You Write Shareable post You can Become a hero!

How can you become a hero?

If You’re Really helping people, People also Help you! you just need to Provide value.

also You Can Add Sense of humor which Make Smile On Your User!

most of Blogger get failed To add Sense of Humour!

I also Failed!?

this will make your Blog more interesting.

Make Royalty Visitors

Do you have royal Visitors?

Royal visitors are those visitors who read your every blog and Follow you form Heart!

You can Make Royal Visitors By Solving There Problem and Provide Them Value. for This, You Can Use Email Marketing!

Email Marketing will Help You More! Because Only interested People Give You Your Email And Accept To Getting Mail From You.


By using Email Marketing You can Make Royal Visitors.

Rank On Google

A shareable post will also rank On Google! because Shareable Post gets more Shares and More CTR! google also Check your social shares and Decide your ranking place.

Make Money!

Now you get Royalty visitors.

actually, your royal visitors are Original money!

because if You Sell products in your royalty visitors most probably have Chance they would like to Buy Product from You!

Your Royal visitor are Your Royal customers!

you can sell them anything! because you already provide them Value and you already Gain There Trust.

Have you noticed one thing?

All Those points are connected to Each other!

yes See how!

If You right Engaged post than you attract more visitors and More visitors make You hero and make your Content viral Over The World!

 If people love your Blog; Google also Love you!


if You provide value your visitors Make and Your Royalty visitor Royalty visitors are Royal Customers!


That’s All are Benefits But, Only On website Blog get Those Benefits? No, It also For Other Post. let’s see

Where Can You Use Engaging blog post?

you can use engagement blog on Social Media and Other Platforms.

 but, How can You Write Engaging post On Social Media?

You don’t need to Write Blog Post as Like Website Blog so, Just Need to Write Defined Short Blog or Like Short Engagement Paragraph.

let’s see How can you do this On different-different Platform?

 Facebook Page, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.

If You Write on Social media it means You have already Blog on your website that’s why your promoting on Facebook Page!

How to write Engaging post on Facebook page?

okay, That’s Not true For Everyone but some are! some are Use Facebook page for making Fan Club!

here You Need to Write Your Blog Overview!

That’s simple!

wait, Just Overview? No, Also Add Some Questions at the End of Post and Don’t forget to Add Hashtags.

Hashtag which Helps your Post to rank well on Facebook

it’s like A Facebook page SEO!

When you write hashtag, That’s Allows to Facebook understand your Post And Show More People!

that’s Things will Make Your post Engaging on the Facebook page.

On Twitter and LinkedIn you can’t able to write Longer post so you need to Write Stunning headlines which will Help you and Engaged more people


Ask Questions and Use “Check out” part and add Link!

Powerful Tactics To Make Your Blog Shareable

Powerful Tactics To Make Your Blog Shareable

Make Shareable Blog Not Easy, You must Have to Provide Value or Interesting Thing.

Just Think as A Visitors. as a Visitors You Linke Your Post? As a Visitor, You Get All Information that You actually want?

Ask Those Question When You finished Your Blog Post is if you get a satisfying answer than you can publish it.

If You don’t get Satisfying answerer You need to Make Desire Changes.

You should Try These tactics And Engaging More People.

Ask Questions

when do you ask a question to user/visitor that’s make them curious what will be the next?

you can ask the questions at the start of the blog and end of the blog post.

when you add a question at the end of blog post most probably have a chances People do comment that means engagement!

asking a question make people more curious as well as a force to think!

when people get curious they like to get or Give answer to that question.

now here which kind of question do you want to ask!

Related to the blog which people know the Answer of the questions. you can as questions which make them curious.

you can ask them an interesting question which can engage more!

Use Engagement Words

engagement words! yes.

used ‘I’ ‘you’ and ‘we’ words. that’s make between you and user conversation.

engagement word will help you like you are talking through your writing that means you’re blog talking with the user.

that makes your user interesting!

Short Paragraph

most of the time people using a long paragraph when user read the paragraph he may get confused!

short paragraph looks like you are talking with user means a conversation between you and the user.

long paragraph hard to read they do not look very good even the long paragraph has a good contain/Information.

make sure you add a conclusion

most of the time people just read your blog post headline and leave your blog.

that increases your Bounce rate!

so you can add conclusion part which will help your user to understand you are blocked in short if they don’t know some part of conclusion part they can go back to your blog read that point.

so now what should you add in conclusion part?

you have to add an overview of your blog in a first paragraph

then what you have discussed in blog short description of Main points here in the second paragraph

In the Last Paragraph, you can ask the question. questions should be interesting that make your user curious to Read all blog.

now here I think you love how to write engagement blog post.

I assume that you wrote engagement blog even you don’t get Desire traffic to blog post.

I know it’s taking a lot of time to drive more traffic.

here I am sharing with you strategies you can use to make your blog more shared and get viral.


How to Get Traffic When You Write Amazing Blog Post!

How to Get Traffic When You Write Amazing Blog Post!

traffic is the main point of every blogger and every blogger fight with his knowledge to get more traffic

but here the thing I have noticed in my 2-year blogging experience one is images and video make your own engagement

here you have to decide you are writing which kind of blog?

there are to Two type of blogs you write always

the tutorial

In the type of tutorial blog you teach people step by step guide or how to do this Guide to the user.


In Experience Typ,e you write a blog on your experience on your knowledge and on your learning.

after deciding which kind of blog you prefer to write

if you use tutorial blog type then you have to use more images which will engage your user more

The user gets indirect indicate that you have to convince them and teaching them  step by step guide.

More images means more images redirects traffic!

most ofthe time people go to the site by visiting images in the Google search result.

more images no result found and get more rank by more images.

if you use experience blog type

then you can add the video of your sharing your experience through the video.

you can use video in tutorial type blog.

images and video engage more people and you can drive more traffic from images search and video search


Use Easily shareable icon.

if you are WordPress user then you have leg infection in which you have a lot of social media sharing plugins.

most of the time people get the stop when they are trying to share a post on social media they aren’t there account easily.

so you have to use the best and easy to share social media plugin.

Check it out – Best WordPress plugins which help You to get more traffic!

Quora Marketing

do you know Quora Marketing?…

Quora is The Platform where You can Share Your Blog Post by Answering People’s Questions!

You can Engage more People or Attract more people Form Quora

you have to Share Your Blog Content On Quora. you can Copy Content. But, I am not recommended you to do This!

Because Here you may Get Mixed Content Problem.

don’t copy all Content and don’t copy others websites Blog.

just copy overview and add The “Read More” part and add Hyperlink!

Quora Marketing

this will Also Help you to Engaged With people!


creating readable engagement and shareable post not easy or not hard. If you are using the above strategy, tips and tricks this will help you to write a better engagement blog post.

I hope you learn how to write a shareable blog post on your website also on social media with the short paragraph.

also, you learn how to drive more traffic using strategies. I learn from my experience.

if you are getting value from me share this post. you are one share not only make my day but also make my year!

are you ready to write cool Engaging and Shareable Blog?


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