Does digital marketing have a bright future? well if I want to give you an answer in a word I will say “yes! digital marketing has a bright future”. but how? Today, I will prove to you how digital marketing has a bright and Great future.

also, we will discuss some question like – Is there really a career in digital marketing? What is the salary? what is The Growth of Digital Marketing? and a lot more! I am sure you have many more questions in your mind.

After reading this blog carefully you will get answered all those questions you have if i failed to solve then you can comment your question below i will surely give you answer and update this blog.

Have a look at First Question always goes in your mind.

what is digital marketing?

Digital Marketing bright have future?

Marketing of any product and service from digital (to the internet) means, digital marketing. The second name of digital marketing is internet marketing.

There are two types of marketing. First one is online marketing and the second one is offline marketing.

In offline marketing, make billboards,  business cards, make pamphlets, Radio ads, paper sticking ads and many more are the example of offline marketing.

In online marketing, social media (Facebook, YouTube accounts), Google advertising (PPC) or Facebook ads, the websites etc are the example of online marketing.

I am not going to tell you about offline marketing because we are seeing about digital marketing means online marketing so let’s go for online marketing in details.


for better understand we should understand types of online marketing. so

Types Of Online Marketing/Internet Marketing (Top 5)

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)


  • Social media marketing (SMM)


  • Pay-Par-click advertising (PPC)


  • Content Marketing


  • Affiliate Marketing

this all are top 5 Not all! so don’t worry about others if you understand this 5; you will have understood 50% of online marketing! yes, because all these 5 have more subtypes!

don’t worry I am not going to bore you so, I am not to walk through so have look on overview or short information on this.


1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization

In SEO, the website has to be optimized according to the engine. If you have an e-commerce website And if you want to rank your website then SEO helps you.

if your blogger like me then you must take serious SEO! because SEO is a more powerful way of getting traffic to the website also most IMP (Important) part of internet marketing.

so what you have to do in SEO?

In SEO, you have to optimize the keywords, content, and images for Website to boost your ranking all over the world and get more traffic from Search engine.

still confused? look on an example and try to understand it because of its most important part.

If you sell clothes in your shop and your website’s name is If someone searches on Google “Cloth” then, Your website listed/show in that result. You Earn organic traffic.

In short, SEO helps You To Rank your website on the First page. SEO is not as easy as you think! subscribe or stay connected with us to learn it.


2 Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing

In SMM, You Advertising Your Business and run campaigns to grow your business or promote your brand using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.

You may have seen, Facebook, Instagram, you have a post called “Sponsors” in your feed. So that company does social media marketing.

In short, they are connected to you. So that you have to buy their product or service.


3. Pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

Google PPC

PPC ads are provided by Google ads (Google AdWords). By Google in PPC, Google will display your website in the first number in the results page.

Just you have to pay some amount of money to Google if your site is clicked by someone (Buyer).

4. Content Marketing 

Content Marketing 

If you have a website and you sell your product or service on your site, then you will have a blog or content about that product. Marketing of that content means content marketing.

If the reader liked the post, then the product must definitely buy. stay connected with us because we have content marketing strategies blog we post always about it.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, if your product or service is sold by someone else or by referral, you give commission to that promoter. we will call this process Affiliate marketing.

Any person can earn money by joining any company that has an affiliate program.
Eg – Amazon, Flipkart. (If Someone wants to earn money or want to become affiliater or promoter).

anyone can Join it! it’s free.

Now it’s time to look at how digital marketing is performing in the market and why only digital marketing in case of ads?

Growth Of Digital Marketing

Growth Of Digital Marketing

Credit –

If you look at this image, you can guess, how much does advertising cost come to a company. everybody will be coming online and in some time every business is going online.

If you talk about the growth of digital marketing, the less money which comes in the marketing,

This infographic tells us a lot so, now tell me if I ask you traditional marketing or digital marketing in case of marketing?

comment below and let me know.


Common Questions

1.  Which type of work have In Digital Marketing?

Analytics manager (Analysis of website or application growth)

copywriter (Content writer)

web manager (Managing websites)

SEO manager ETC. (Doing SEO for website and apps to grow)


2. What is The Salary of Digital Marketer?

In us Starts From – $84,158

In India general Salary – Rs 15,000/-

(Check Out more Information – Salary of Digital Marketer Marketer )


3. How can I start to Learn Digital Marketing?

You Can Learn Offline as well as Online. It’s Your Choice.

Online courses You can do –

Google – Google Digital Unlocked 



Digital Marketing is Nothing but, Promotion Of Product via Online. You can start to make a Career in Marketing. If you really Like it.!

If You want to earn money in digital marketing and you know what digital marketing can be a good source of passive online income!

As I promised already that, after reading this blog you will understand does digital marketing has a bright future and understand it better.

can you tell me I have completed my promise or miss something? let me know in the comment section also read our other blogs also.

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Thank You so much!

I wish you have a great career in digital marketing. if you want our services or want to help you contact us.

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